The center of the implants looks silver

by Tom LaDuke
(Grand Prairie TX Tarrant)

Just had two molar implants placed and the center of the implants looks silver ( like if I had fillings). I expected them to be tooth color so they would look like nice teeth.

Is the normal?

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Implant Color NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Tom,

Did they place a crown on your implant already? Usually the implant will be placed and allowed to heal, and then the tooth colored crown will be placed on it. The implant is a silver color, made of titanium.

If you already had a crown placed then you may have a porcelain veneer crown, where the front of it is tooth colored but the rest is metal. If this is the case it is something that needs to be addressed with your dentist. We use these type of crowns often depending on where the tooth is in your mouth, because chewing on a porcelain fused to metal crown can cause the porcelain to chip off. It could be that it was a porcelain fused to metal crown where he had to adjust the biting surface so that you bite correctly, and that the adjustment went through the porcelain in order to get this corrected.

front tooth NEW
by: Jeri

I got a dental implant on my front tooth when I smile big the top of the tooth looks gray, I know its a shadow but I feel like it can be shaded to correct this, I know don't smile so big. Any suggestions?

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