The Differences Between Expensive and Affordable Dental Implant Care?

What is the differences between expensive and affordable dental implant care?

Dental consumers sometimes think that a dentist who charges more may provide the best dental implant care. This attitude stems from the often-held belief that if something is expensive it is automatically better.

I do not believe this logic is applicable in choosing from whom and where you will obtain dental implant care.

You, the potential dental consumer, should learn what exactly you are paying for, especially when you select pricy versus affordable dental implants care. You should also acquaint yourself with facts that truly identify successful outcomes of implant dental care.

Research on the outcome of using specific brands of dental implants today is largely done in university environments. Most of this research is funded by the companies, whose dental implants are being tested, creating a situation with obvious potential for conflict of interest.

The majorities of these studies are very short in duration, and exist primarily to promote the new implant products benefactor companies are anxious to bring to the dental marketplace as soon as possible. These types of “self-serving” studies are of little value except for marketing.

When examining the costs of placing and restoring dental implants, it becomes apparent that the final cost of dental implant care by the dentist to you is determined in a very subjective manner. By subjective, I mean that the out-of-pocket expense for a dentist to purchase a dental implant, place it, and restore it, is largely limited to:

1.What the dentist elects to pay for materials.
2.Elective costs for direct and indirect forms of advertising decided upon by the dentist.
3.The dollar$$$ amount that the dentist wants to charge for his or her time to complete a dental-implant-related service. This fee is essentially based upon what the dentist wants to make as profit. It is a feeling, not necessarily based upon competitive factors.

Additionally, as much an advocate I am for marketing, I believe consumers should be aware of hidden costs and other slick sale strategies beyond “hype” when responding to any ads, bait-and-switch strategies are common in all industries, including the dental implant field. You must research who is treating you, their experience, and their outcomes.

I believe the prudent consumer seeking dental implant care needs to educate themselves to make good decisions in choosing who to take care of them, now as well as in the future. Educated shopping is consumers’ responsibility to themselves.

Ron Barbanell received his dental implant and periodontal training and education at UCLA, UCSF, Harvard, USC, and Loma Linda universities. It is his goal to restore comfort, function, and self-confidence in an affordable manner at any of his three locations in the Los Angeles, South Bay, and near Orange County area. He has practiced in each location for over 30 years, and has placed several thousand implants.
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reply this topic NEW
by: loan

Houses and cars are quite expensive and not every person can buy it. However, loans are created to aid people in such kind of cases.

Brand Name of Dental Implants NEW
by: Anonymous

When a dentist states on his website that he uses a certain brand of dental implant and then uses a different brand, it makes you wonder why. I would always check to see if the proposed implant is FDA and ADA approved.

Discount Dentists NEW
by: Anonymous

The article makes it sound like there aren't substantial differences in the quality of care with a low cost dentist versus a regular cost dentist.

I am 67 years of age and have been to many, many dentists over the years. I chose to go to a discount dentist recently and have never experienced such pain, anxiety, stress and awful treatment.

The dentist placed 3 dental implants and because of poor planning (no real guide for the implants other than analog x-rays) I lost 2 out of the 3. That was very disappointing because I lost six months of healing time where I would have been close to having my implant crowns on. The biggest problem was that because the dentist did not take the time to diagnose the problem with one of the implants I lost a tooth as a result of an apical cyst.

The dentist abandoned me in the middle of treatment and would not re-imlant one of the dental implants that had failed due to not enough bone (he should have placed a bone graft before he placed the implant).

In retrospect, I should have known that $1,495 for the whole implant was too good to be true. I know now that he cut corners in many ways - with antiquated equipment, non-FDA approved implant systems and just general lack of concern when there was a problem. I will never go to a discount dentist again.

Crown price NEW
by: Donald

The main part of the dental implant is the crown placement. The price of the crown will depend upon the quality and type of the crown. It is true that the charge will be different according to the dental clinic. Gen: beverly diamonds complaints

The Differences Between Expensive and Affordable Dental Implant Care? NEW
by: Anonymous

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Difference NEW
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Dental care NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dental Implan NEW
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I trust purchasers ought to be mindful of concealed expenses and other smooth deal methods past.
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by: Jack

The main part of the dental implant is the crown placement. The price of the crown will depend upon the quality and type of the crown. pay to write my assignment for me

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by: adhp

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