There is always something wrong with this tooth..

by Diane

About a year ago I had a root canal gone bad. I had a front tooth pulled and bone grafting. I had problems after that such as scar tissue which they removed and a cyst which required 2 surgeries. After 6 months I had the implant done. It has always felt sore to the the touch just under the nose even before the implant.I told the Dr and it didn't seem to be a problem.

On an every day basis I can live with it except if I have to keep blowing my nose. I have been dealing with this tooth for 15 months now.

Last week I had the temporary tooth put in and now 4 days later it is throbbing.
Is this normal?
I really don't want anymore surgery and I am afraid to speak up as I feel like an idiot. Just seems there is always something wrong with this tooth.

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Problem Tooth NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Diane,

It sounds like the implant is very close to the sinus and you may have sinus irritation. Worst case scenario is that it has ruptured through into the sinus cavity, but I don't think that is what has happened. I do think that maybe you have some underlying sinus infection or allergies that has caused swelling and thus more pressure on the implant tooth...this happens often with normal healthy teeth, causing tooth pressure sensitivity. I would recommend an x-ray of this tooth, or a consultation with the oral surgeon, as well as a visit to your MD to discuss any allergy symptoms. Even a bit of sinus irritation can cause pressure sensitivity on upper teeth that are in close proximity to the nasal sinuses.


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by: Amrin

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