Titanium fixture for dental implant has broke

by Bob R

Titanium fixture for dental implant has broke:

I have a front tooth titanium fixture that broke - leaving part of the pole in the gum and part in the implant tooth. Is it just an easy procedure to replace the whole fixture?

I am thinking about the costs of having this replaced. At the moment I am resorting to just gluing it into place so I can go to work.

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Broken Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Bob,

I'm assuming it is the abutment that broke and not the actual implant, as it is highly unlikely a titanium implant would break under any normal circumstance. Yes, the abutments are made to come out and it should be where your implant specialist is able to take it out and replace it with one that your crown can affix to. Using an over the counter adhesive such a super glue can be toxic to the oral tissues and make it very difficult for the implant doctor to repair the abutment.

Broken Titanium Implant NEW
by: Anonymous

I have just had an implant break just a week ago and am currently awaiting a review by the manufacturer as to replacement. My concern is that I had 2 teeth on 1 implant and I believe this could have placed a strain on the post. The implant was carried out in 2007 and I do not smoke and I am in excellent health.

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