Told ALL my teeth need to be removed and replaced - is this common?

by Steven
(Washington DC)

I am a white male age 33 who smokes and was recently told that due to severe periodontal disease i needed to have my teeth (upper and lower) removed and the dentist recommended they be replaced with implants.

How common is having all of one's teeth replaced with implants versus full plate dentures and do all the teeth come out at once or only a certain number of teeth at one time? At 6 months per implant for upper jaw implants how long does a whole moth procedure take?

I don't want to walk around for 9 to 12 months with no teeth before all the implants are placed - I wont even begin to ask how much something like this should cost - thank you

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by: granprix49

Check this site out, There is a place also in Tysons corner, that can do all in 1 sitting, you may be there for hrs , but costly, but I was told if you have a credit score 0f 650 or higher, then payment plans can be worked out, they dont take Insurance , but if your Insurance co does than I would call to see if they would accept, but you would pay out of pocket , I need to have the same procedure done because of me taking Interferon, and all my teeth are on its last leg, I may just have to settle for Dentures, Implants are too costly for folk like me , wish you the best

Cost of implants
by: Linda

If I were you I would check with affordable
Dentures where you live. Some of them do the
implants and I know of one in Bedford VA that charges $1.500 for four implants.My husband is getting his soon but had to wait for three months for the swelling to go down before they can put them in.

Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

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by: Danny

In my opinion, it is very unlikely that at the age of 33 you will need to remove all your teeth and then replaced with implants. I would like to know on what situation did your dentist advice you to remove your teeth. beverly diamonds reviews

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by: sdws


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