Too old for implants?

My father is 90 years old and in fair health. He is about to loose what is left of his upper teeth and the oral surgeon strongly suggests doing 4 implants. Dentures are out of the question as he surely won't wear them.

Out of options.

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Need more info
by: Diane Caviness

How do you know he won't wear dentures? Also, are you talking about mini implants or the bigger traditional ones? Why did the oral surgeon want him to get them? We all need more info before giving any advice, but at the age of 90 you're dad may be happy just to gum it for the rest of his life. Implants aren't fun at any age.

Been there done that.....
by: JB

Don't make your Dad at his age go through this's more trouble than it is worth, I had this done at age 67 and I am very sorry....I would just gum my food..........believe really need 2nd opinions, not as easy as it seem and at that age, why put him through the trauma.....this is just my opinion....

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