Tooth implant - foul taste

by Barry Mckee

My front tooth implant which I've had in for about 5 years came loose My dentist no longer does implants so I had to see one of his colleagues who removed the crown & had to re-tighten the screw as it had came loose,the implant itself was fine & he stuck the crown back in.

I have noticed since then that when I suck on the implant tooth I get a foul taste like there is food being trapped in there, afterwards the bad taste goes away until I eat or drink again, he has X-rayed it & everything seems o.k (no infection).

Does anyone know what my be causing this to happen as there hasn't been a problem up until now...



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Bad Taste NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Barry,

Because the tooth has been adjusted, it may be sitting differently within the gum tissue and allowing plaque/food/etc to collect in certain areas around it.

Extremely dedicated oral hygiene is necessary for areas like implants (as well as crowns and bridges) because they are prone to collecting more bacteria.

I advise you to floss UNDER the gumlines around this implant at least once a day, but even more effective would be to purchase a Waterpik and use it once or twice a day to irrigate around the tooth. Waterpiks are shown to be more effective than flossing and can be used in the entire mouth. If you stick to flossing then try "super floss" which is thick in the middle and grabs more debris.

Brushing should be angled into the gumline with gentle pressure. Electronic toothbrushes such as the Sonicare or Oral B models are perfect for this.

Solution to foul odour NEW
by: Anonymous 222

I was experiencing a foul odour and taste two weeks after having crown placed on implant (anterior tooth). After my dentist removing the screw retained crown and cleaning out, it returned within days. Cut a long story short the taste was coming from the cotton pellet inside the crown. He removed this and placed wax instead of cotton pellet. He also ensured that the composite sealing the hole (access to screw) was very secure as the odour can apparently come from there. I hope this helps!

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