Tooth Implant

by Justin

Hi my name is Justin and I am freaking out about my tooth implant. About 3 - 4 weeks ago I got my dental implant placed with no healing abutment. It has now been 3 weeks and this is hard to explain but its my front tooth and rite were the gum healed over the implant I can rub my tongue over the gum facing down were the tooth implant would be coming out and I can feel this bump kind of like a rounded blister or something and I don't know if this is the implant falling out - or if its just the way it heals and its ok.

The small little bump is red in color more red then the rest of the gum area and it's kind of sticking out a bit. I just saw my dentist last week and he said everything was looking good and it LOOKED like there was no infection. This bump does not hurt at all but its still their and driving me nuts.

I don't want go through another implant surgery !!! :( any one who can tell me what this is would be much appreciated!!

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Don't rub your tongue on implant head
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Please don't rub your tongue on implant head ,you may cause infection ,just let it heal if possible get an x-ray done just to see the implant is okay.

You can also consult with another dentist because diagnosing on the internet is a little tough without clinical pictures or an x-ray

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