Tooth replacement by a real tooth...

by Mike
(Detroit Michigan)

I recently got a root canal on my first bottom molar and its causing severe pain. I think it's because the tooth is fractured. I can see a line close to the gum line. I was wondering if I could have that tooth pulled and a wisdom tooth pulled and planted in place of that molar or possibly have the molar behind it and the wisdom tooth pushed forward to fill the gap that would be there.

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Tooth Replacement
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Mike,

Ages ago there were actually peasants that sold their teeth so that rich people could have them implanted into an area where they lost a tooth. Unfortunately this is not a successful means of treatment, as when you take a tooth out it destroys the nerve attachment into the jaw. While theoretically a tooth could possibly stay attached to the gums, it would eventually die anyway and fall out.

Having the back molar moved forward would require braces throughout the entire mouth, for several months to a few years. This would also affect the teeth on the opposite arch that bite against it, and could cause some of them to shift out of place due to the change in bite.

Your best option would be to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. This wouldn't require any treatment on other teeth at all.

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