Tooth replacement/implant for teenager

by j Heslin

My son had an accident and was bashed in the teeth about 18 months ago. He eventually had root canal treatment but recently has been in severe pain and it seems that it has not worked and so he has to be referred to a specialist dental hospital.

He is now 15 years old, the tooth is next to his front tooth. When can he have a permanent replacement fitted and what obligations/if any have the NHS to solving the problem?

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Root Canal
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi J,

Once a tooth has had a root canal performed on it, there is no living nerve left in the tooth that can receive pain and relay it to the brain. Now, the ligaments around the root could still be "bruised" from the injury, and this could be causing some gum pain when pressure is applied, but it should heal over time. If the tooth is cracked, this is sometimes almost impossible for dentists to diagnose. Cracked teeth most likely end up being extracted if other treatment does not help the symptoms. This is not something that can easily be diagnosed, so there was no way to know if that was the case at the beginning of the treatment.

I would also suspect that another tooth could actually be the culprit. Many times we will have "referred pain" which causes us to feel like one tooth hurts, when in reality it is the next one. If he had facial trauma it is very likely that another tooth has also received some type of injury as well, even if it can't be seen. Your specialist can help determine if this is the case.

As far as implants to. usually they are not placed until the patient is fully physically mature, or about the age of 18.

pain NEW
by: sarah lynn

Yes I am 18 a girl and waiting for my implant! When I was seven I banged my two front teeth and the right one child's in half and the left one didn't chip but died I to had a root canel but it was unsuccessful and it broken away from my root causing all of my teeth to shift making me need to braces. They then decided while my braces when I first got them on my tooth was pulled out and put on a bracket into the braces. While my braces were on they decided to start pulling the root down so they wouldn't have to do a bone graft again that didn't work and so I have been wearing a retainer with a two on it for about two years while this was happening I have had to unsuccessful bone graft from a cadaver so then they just did another bone graft but this time from my jaw so I'm not holding my breath for this to work but if it does I'm waiting at least another year before I will be done! So yes I feel your pain very much but I'm sure your son will be happy in the long run:)

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