Top front dental implant is chipped

by Mary logan
(Belfast ireland)

My top front dental implant is chipped and unsightly .I have no pain, but to replace the chipped tooth my Dentist will have to replace the whole top bridge. The cost is too expensive for me at the moment - can the original mould be reused in remaking the top bridge and so keep costs down?

The dentist who put in my original implant (now retired) strongly advised me to keep this mold safe in the event of adding more teeth. I have no other problems with my upper bridge,it fits perfectly still after 10years, although the bridge has collapsed and been cemented back in again.

I would appreciate your opinion,Thanks.

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Chipped Bridge
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Mary,

Unfortunately the materials used to construct bridges and crowns cannot be added onto in order to repair a chip or break in the porcelain. The dental laboratory would need to construct an entirely new bridge in order to repair the fracture. We are not yet to a place in dental materials where we can add on to existing porcelain restorations like this...maybe one day.

You may be able to reuse your impression and model so that the laboratory can construct a new bridge and it be placed the same day that your dentist removes the broken one. It just saves one step in the process. But, if your dentist takes off the bridge and finds any decay or anything else, then it would need to be prepped and a new impression taken. If it were me I would have a new impression taken and a new bridge.

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