Top of implant showing!

It has been almost two weeks since I had the implant put in my lower right. One of the stitches fell out and when I went back to the dentist he removed the remaining two but now the top of the implant is showing.

He said this was normal and not to worry. I thought the gum was supposed to heal together over the top until the post is put in. Any thoughts?


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No problem
by: dr farhan durrani

When healing takes place the implant will be covered by tissue.

Likely, no worry
by: Dr. Lee

What you're probably seeing is either the healing cap (which SHOULD be exposed above the gum line to help encourage and shape gingival growth) or, most likely, the cover screw which sits at implant level, atop the implant.

It sounds like your doctor is right in advising you not to worry. The tissue will re-grow, and even better with the help of a healing cap.

Top of implant showing
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue. The top of the implant is showing and the gum is not growing over it. There is no healing cap or any type of cap. It is the top of the implant.
What are my options?
What possible complications can result?

I am concerned because I've read other comments reguarding this and no one gives a direct answer if any at all. So please address this issue as stated and it will releave concerns by those of us with this situation.

Thank you for your response.

Implant showing NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine is currently showing also and I have not gotten my cap yet, but my dentist advised there is no issue and that when my tooth in placed it will be pushed up into the gumline covering the post.

reply NEW
by: Hazard

Yeah it is true! You don’t worry about the implant. The stitches will completely fall out in the coming days. You don’t try hard foods to eat. It will badly affect the teeth. So take care! Thanks for sharing your doubts! Outlook problems

Implant NEW
by: Anonymous

My self is also having same problem and my doctor advised me, not to worry this is going to happen. He put some glue into the wholes and reattached the screws. Now I am feeling fine and I learned the same information from write me an essay. The above process solved my problem now I am feeling well.

get it Done Fast NEW
by: Chris Pratt

Once this starts to show it is better to see a dental expert as elderly care at home soon as possible. I mean, the implant was not proper. I think it will just come off. Try getting it fixed as soon as possible or you will have to go through the whole process again.

by: Clark07

All you have to do is wait until it is healed. My healing cap is also exposed before but gone after it healed.

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Review NEW
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