Uncomfortable implant dentures

by margaret

I have uncomfortable implant dentures:

18 months ago I had upper dentures fitted onto 4 implants and lower denture fitted onto 2 implants. The whole process was extremely painful, lengthy and expensive. However I went ahead with the surgery because I wanted to improve my appearance and certainly wanted to do away with the need to use adhesives.

Right from the start I was very disappointed with the results. My smile looks phoney and my teeth now look to be far back in my mouth and too small. Worse than this, my dentures move about when I eat so I have had to start using adhesive cream, which is what I wanted to avoid. I also can't find comfortable position in which to keep my mouth as dentures don't seem to fit well together.

My dentist assures me that everything is as it should be.

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Hello Margaret,

It sounds like you might need an adjustment made to the lining of the denture or have it relined. I'm really sorry that you're having these problems with your new implants. Ideally you should not have to wear denture adhesive even with normal dentures.

Make sure you are taking them out each night and wearing them all day long every day so that your mouth and gingiva can bond to them correctly (wearing them at night can cause bone to deminish).

When in doubt, get a second opinion. After the long haul you should be happy with the teeth that you now have. Of course they'll take some getting used to, but having a professional give you a 2nd opinion may be wise.

Unconfortable implant snaps NEW
by: Anonymous

I have two dental implants with snaps. I am finally getting used to my teeth and can eat most foods; however, when I take them out at night am very unconfortable. The snaps bother me. Is there any soft plastic inserts that I can cover snaps at night?

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