Unhappy about crown

by Karen

I had a crown put on but not pleased with it. A regular dentist had me bite down on this gooey stuff (mold?) and sent it off to the lab. When I had the front crown (tooth) put on, it was higher up into the gum area than the tooth next to it. Also it seems to be thicker than the other front tooth. I let the dentist know I was unhappy. He said it had to go higher into the gum area and that if I didn't like the tooth, I would have to let him know what I didn't like and he would make the adjustments. In other words, file down the tooth etc..until I was satisfied and then send it off to the lab to polish up.

This does not sound right to me..It seems like the lab should just make things right...?

Please advise.

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Unhappy With Crown NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Karen,

Your dentist needs to try to work with the crown that is already there...otherwise you will be spending several more hundred dollars on lab fees to create a new crown (unless the lab did not make it correctly in the first place - and in that case they would eat the cost).

The crown needs to be at the gumline. If it is jammed deep under the gums it can cause bone problems, swelling and bleeding. Normally crowns are adjusted toward the top, for chewing purposes, not near the gumlines.

It is very, very, very hard to make a crown on a front tooth look just like the one next to it. For this reason most dentists recommend crowning both front 2 teeth at the same time, so that they will be identical. That is really the easiest way to have both of them look the same.

Need care NEW
by: George

Even though the mold is perfect the actual cap may not be fit in earlier position. So once the crown is placed the dentist will tell us to bite a colored piece of paper and hence he can understand which area is creating discomfort. Tim: Beverly Diamonds

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