Upper dental implant fell out

by Jason

My upper implant fell out. Had bone graft that took approximately 6 months to complete and within a year my implant fell out.

What are my options?

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Failed Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Jason,

The dental implant could possibly be re-inserted into a different area of your jaw. It may just be that the bone in that one area was not able to sustain the pressure that the implant had to take. Your implant specialist may also recommend a different type of implant, as technology is advancing which allows different methods to be used. You might ask about a mini implant. Good luck.

It can happen
by: dr farhan durrani

Implants can come out, body can reject anything any time. Just go ahead with a new one, but graft the area and wait for six months

by: Jason

Am I expected to fork out more money or will they pick-up some fees?

Dental implant outrage
by: Anonymous

I had four dental implants on my bottom back teeth to replace a broken bridge. I paid a lot of money for this through a credit card finance company. After two years I lost one after the other and the dentist would not help me. He said that I needed to forget about implants, I had gum disease, "which by the way I had been treated for in his office for two years prior" and that it would cost me another eight thousand dollars for partials on my upper and lower mouth.

It was so hurtful to think that He wouldn't even call me back to help. He had his nurse give me all of the details. I wish that I could find another dentist to possibly help but I am out of money and funds. Good luck to you,

Dental implant infection NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi there, i got 2 implants in my front upper jaw, 2 months ago in a foreign country. The first became infected after 3 days and the 2nd one after 1 month. I have done everything to try clear up the infection but nothing works. I have been told from the dentist that if the bone around the implant is infected (perimplantitis) that they would need to be taken out and replaced with new ones. Im wondering 2 things. 1)is it good practice to replace new implants straight away? (They will clean all infection out first with laser)and 2) Is there not a reason that they became infected in the first place and will it not happen again so? I dont smoke, have a very healthy diet, no gum disease that i am aware of. I am prone to poor-ish circulation. Could this be affecting it?

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