Upper jaw bone loss

by Debbie
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

I have had a lot of upper jaw bone loss over the years and had to have all my top teeth removed. I had just enough bone to have 4 implants put in 13 months ago, however I haven't yet been back to complete the procedure of adding the caps and the teeth. Everything has gone well so far, one implant has come through the gum, which I believe is good.

However, recently it feels like I have developed a gum abscess over another one. My gum is swollen and sore, but not open. Could this be an abscess on the bone? Is it a sign of rejection? How possible is rejection at this stage? Before receiving the implants, I was advised to stop smoking, but only managed to quit for one month. Since then I have been smoking heavily.

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Smoking is bad for healing implants
by: dr farhan durrrani

Smoking is bad for healing implants! your abscess could be a gum problem not a failure of implant. Please get an iopa xr-ay done and get an opinion from your dentist ,get proper oral prohylaxis done in that area immediately and quit smoking if you want your implants to survive.,
Use oral gels with metronidazole around your gums as antiseptic and chlorexidine mouthwash regularly

Noor Khan NEW
by: Anonymous

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