Upper lip was falling down when I smile

by Mary

I had an implant done in March 2011. Immediately after the implant was done my upper lip was falling down when I smile and would not lift, and if I raised it with my finger it would slowly fall down.

It has improved slightly, but even now when I smile, after a few seconds the lip falls down and covers my teeth. I feel certain it has to do with the anaesthetic injections I was given, but is there any hope the lip will improve?

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Falling Lip
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hello Mary,

There are 2 reasons why your lip would fall. One first off would be symptoms of palsy, where this is a typical symptom. You mentioned it was only your top lip though, and not your lower lip or side of the face. This leads me to believe it is a side effect from the local anesthetic that you received during your treatment. As I mentioned to another reader, nerves can sometimes have damage or effect from anesthetic. These effects can be temporary or permanent, and sometimes last a very long time before they go away. There is really no way to tell until time passes if the nerve function will return. However, you should still have muscle control in your mouth and there may be some types of exercise that you can do to strengthen these muscles so that others can compensate to have a wide smile. Be sure to bring up your concerns to your implant specialist.

I hope everything is well NEW
by: Anonymous

I am interesting to know how is your situation after all because i am having excactly the same problem
Thank you

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