Upper molar implant nightmare

by Beverly Page
(North Reading, Ma.)

Upper molar implant nightmare:

When an upper left molar, second from the back, near my sinuses was implanted with a tooth, I felt as though the dentist questioned himself at the time of placing the tooth to the implat that is way not quite as close to the gum line as expected, yet completed the placement of the tooth anyway.

6 months later and for the last 5 years, I have had infections over and over again. Months after completing perscriptions of antibiotics I get symtoms again of infection. Prsently my lymph node in the left throat area is considerably enlarged as also the lymph nodes in the left under arm and into the left breast. Mri's, cat scans and ultrasounds have been done and the outcome seems to be that the lymph nodes are inflamed.

The root canal dentist says nothing is wrong that he could tell as the same for the dentist who put the tooth on the implant and also the famous doctor who put the implant in.

About 15 years ago, at Tuft's dental school in boston, that same tooth area had a cracked root taken out of 1/3rd of the tooth, faux bone implanted where the partial area of the root and tooth where taken out, thus placing full crown on the molar. The dental school told me that the tooth would only last about 10 years. Sure enough, about ten years ago the tooth needed and was pulled out. About 6 months later the said area had a tooth implant.

For the last 4-5 years, I feel, I have a terrible infection which no one can figure out what is causing the problem. The said tooth area has slight symptoms of presure when sleeping on that side of my face. My sinus doctor told me that my sinuses where okay. I use sinus rinses several times a week to keep the sinuses in goog shape.

What the heck should I do?
The very back molar has calcified roots, but the root canal dentist has told me that he would not do a root canal on a tooth that still apears to be healthy.

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Tooth Nightmare NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Beverly,

Dental x-rays cannot always show exactly how the roots of teeth or dental implants relate to nasal sinuses. It may be necessary for you to have an MRI done to evaluate this. I would also get a 2nd opinion from another oral surgeon for their take on the situation. If I was having constant infection (and frequent use of antibiotics, which can cause drug resistance) I would make the decision to have the tooth removed. Otherwise there may be something else going on with you systemically that is causing all of the enlarged lymph nodes throughout your body. Systemic conditions can wear down on the body's immune system making it difficult to treat dental related diseases. Get the 2nd opinion and make sure you are also under good general care by a primary care physician as well as exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

ohh pain NEW
by: stella

Oh god I can’t think of those bad days when I undergone this upper molar implantation. The pain was like piercing needles through my tooth. The side effects are common but you should visit the doctor whenever you feel a small pain.click this link

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