Upper right canine dental implant

Upper right canine dental implant came out - what should I do?

Last April I had a bone grapht and they later installed the dental implant for my upper right canine tooth. I started noticing little hard pieces of bone-like material that would be in my gum and I could usually pull them out with tweezers. they usually had a little piece of what looked like frozen skin, pink and sometimes with a smear of blood. It didn't hurt,but it was just weird.

Then after one came out dead center over my implant, a hole was left behind. It proceeded to get bigger and more bone -like hard little pieces would come out. and I know I waited too long to get back to the dentist, but the whole implant,shiny screw and all came out through the front of the gum, not the bottom.(never hurt but I knew something was wrong).

My dentist took out the implant and added more bone graft material. And I have about 15 stitches covering the area of gum that it came through. Is it possible that I maybe not a candidate for implants? It seems my body is rejecting the bone and obviously didn't want to keep the implant in either;

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Rejection NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

It is possible that your body didn't like the bone graft that was placed in the area. If possible your oral surgeon may be able to use your own bone to graft into this area, so that an implant can be re-inserted. It usually is not the case that a person rejects the implant, because they are very biocompatible. After healing occurs, your dentist will probably monitor your bone levels here and try another bone graft to see if it will take, before trying another dental implant.

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