Vertigo and jaw pain after implant surgery

by Suzanne Heckert
(Manhattan Beach)

Vertigo and jaw pain after implant surgery:

I recently had dental implants on my bottom back teeth (July 2010) - four on each side which the dentist fused together to create two and two.

My first problem after the surgery - I started to experience vertigo on a daily basis. Secondly, I feel like I have two huge gumballs in the back of my mouth. Thirdly, the sides of my cheeks are constantly torn up and lastly, I cannot chew as they hurt and keep hitting my upper back teeth.

My dentist told me he fused the teeth together as "they would be stronger" and "last longer". I have constant pain, cannot chew food and when my tongue is at rest I can feel the implants touching my tongue on the insides at the back of my mouth. Prior to the surgery my dentist did not put in temporary implants to make sure that there was no discomfort with the size of the implants but cemented the new ones immediately. I endured hours and hours of surgery and a great deal of expense.

I would like to know how I should proceed as I am constantly in pain, my dentist is in Florida and I am in California. Thank you.

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Please get occlusal adjustment done by your dentist. Second since you didn?t have teeth for such a long time you?re feeling gumballs in edentulous(areas with no teeth) spaces, if you are still un happy ask your dentist to make small crowns on implants.

I am contemplating weather to have the implant removed.
by: Anonymous

I had implant surgery 5 years ago. I have had facial pain on and off ever since.
The first crown cracked, probably while clenching my teeth. I just had the 2nd crown taken off to see if the pain ceases.

Pain was reduced about 60 to 70 percent.three specialists say everything is perfect. I am contemplating weather to have the implant removed. I also have gum sensitivity over the implant area. X-rays look normal.

What should I do?

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