Was my problem due to crown and gum not joining together?

by john
(albert lea mn USA)

I had implant done on molar and I could slide dental floss under the tooth all the way to the abutment. I told the dentist that this did not seem right but he said it was OK. I have had to go back three times in less than two years because the crown was loose. The last time he sent me back to the periodontist who had put implant in. I had a severe infection which caused the implant to loosen.

My guess is that a food particle got under the crown and caused infection. Perio pulled the crown and cleaned out infection and sewed it up. I'm going to have implants done in four months and crown later. Was my problem due to crown and gum not joining together?

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Gum Attachment
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi John,

It's wonderful that you floss around your crowns into the pocket areas. Doing so can prevent food buildup and plaque from causing the gums to detach from teeth as well as implants. When plaque builds up in these areas the body's attempt to fight it off causes the gums to recede and pull away from the tooth. To answer your question, yes, this process can cause a tooth to loosen and even fall out.

It is quite possible that buildup caused your implant to not fuse correctly with the gum tissue. You may want to look into getting something like a Waterpik water-flosser to help you clean these areas more thoroughly than you can with floss. Water flossers can reach several millimeters down into deep diseased pockets, where floss cannot. Improved plaque control increases the success of procedures like dental implants.

Good luck!

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by: Sasha

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