Weird Taste In My mouth - almost like a sulfur taste.

by Lydia Reese
(Hull, MA)

Hi. I had a tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant on tooth # 3 a week ago. I had gotten a root canal on that tooth and never went back for the crown and post which led to me fracturing the tooth. During the procedure the surgeon gave me Novocain 4 separate times, and while he was drilling in the implant he hit something which really hurt to the point I started to cry.

Ever since the procedure I have had pain in that area. The actual site of the implant does not really hurt to the touch, but the teeth on each side of the site do hurt. My gums and jaw are still hurting as well.

Now today I have noticed a weird taste in my mouth coming from the site. It's almost like a sulfur taste..can't really describe it.I have been rinsing with the prescription mouth wash and not chewing on that side. Don't know if this pain and taste is normal??

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Visit your dentist immediately
by: dr. nigam buch

As a dental implant surgeon and Periodontist i suggest you to visit your dentist ASAP. Also please give some brief idea about site of implant placement and duration, what kind of procedure done? visit

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by: Jenna

I have never heard of such a complaint after getting a dental implant and I believe that the sulfur taste may be due to some of the materials that are used in making the dental implant. It is best to seek help of your dentist Meaningful Use Attestation

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