what is the commen use dental implant system?

by norozy

What is the common used dental implant system?
I am a dentist
thank you for your answer.

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U.S.A - Market overview
by: Anonymous

This is a rough estimate of the dental implant market leader in the U.S.A.
i would assume that it is pretty much the same anywhere else in the world:
Nobel Biocare - about 30% of the market
straumann - about 20% of the market
3i - about 15% of the market
Zimmer - about 9%
BioHorizons - about 5%
Lifecore - about 4 %

The remaining 17% of the implant market is divided between many small companies

All the best

B.st DMD

Most common implant system
by: Dr B

As the previous poster stated the numbers seem to be accurate however in certain countries other companies have a larger share of the market as they are a local presence, ie MegaGen in Korea, etc.
The most popular attachment though is the internal hexagon. That is made by a number of manufacturers throughout the world and is universally acquirable.

Hope that helps

Dental Implant System Selection
by: FCampos

Today we have many different dental implant systems, if you are a General Dentist that also places implants i advise you to look for an internal hex that is easy to restore and consider how expensive are the parts. It's always good to have a system that doesn't require to many drills to complete the preparing
site protocol.

I have placed Bio-horizons,Zimmer, Mis
and restored Straumann which i think is easy to restore. The MIS system is pretty similar to Straumann, but the prosthetic kit will cost almost a third. Sometimes what we think is the best is not quite - so. In USA due to FDA regulation we do not have some of the systems you might have available to you.
Good luck

Hiossen USA
by: dr. Kev

they are mostly same..

i like the HGIII by Hiossen.
made in US

look in to it.


Reply NEW
by: Tomy

There are many kinds of dental implant systems. I think you have known about most of those dental implants. According to my knowledge Zimmer is one of the most commonly used dental implants. There are also few more. But I only prefer that. EHR Software

Dental mplant NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dental implant NEW
by: Anonymous

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