What is the treatment to refill the lateral incisors missing?

I had gap in between my teeth. I had braces for 2 years. My doctor found that I had missed one lateral incisor. Now I have completed the brace treatment and I want to fill the lateral incisor.
My doctor asked for bridge treatment and said that he will scratch adajacent teeth and it will cut the tooth nerve. I am 26 now, please suggest me the best treatment. I am thinking of implants- Is it right for me? please reply....

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Yes implant

Implants are the best option for you ,please make sure you have enough bone in that area get CT done to evaluate the bone.

by: Anonymous

It depends on your oral condition, it is not wise to tailor a definitive treatment without thruogh examination,,it is all about proper case selection

I had the same situation that you do...
by: Anonymous

I am 29 years old, at 17 one of the many dentists I had visited, finally came up with a solution for my missing tooth. I was born without one of my lateral teeth so there was always a gap. after orthodontic treatment for a while, there was still a gap where my 3 tooth to the left should be. So they figured the best thing would be to put an implant.

It's been 11 years already, I can not complain, the tooth looks great, I didnt feel a thing, everything has been perfect. The only thing is that part of my gum has never been pink! At first they told me it was bruising from the surgery but as months and years have passed it has never gone away.

I recently went to a dentist and he told me it was metal from the implant and that my gums where getting thinner!! it's kind of scary... I hope and pray to God that my teeth stay as they are right now and my gums dont get any thinner with the years. I would really recommend implants, they are great, very natural looking and over all they work great, I would just make sure I got to the best doctor even though it could be really expensive.. I think it is totally worth it...

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