When should I consider implants/dentures?

by Sandy
(Waynesville, NC USA)

I'm a 45 year old female. I inherited the bad teeth gene from my father and have had numerous procedures performed, beginning when I was seven. These include: five crowns in the front upper, two crowns back upper, three crowns back lower, six fillings total, and two root canals.

I now need more work done (more crowns!) and wonder if I shouldn't begin getting implants instead. At what point do I go for permanent and not temporary?

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani


by: Anonymous

I don't want to keep paying for crowns, whose life-span is 15 years, when I can pay about the same for dental implants which should last alot longer. I'm just wondering if, at my age, that's the most practical solution. I'm so tired of having dental work done that I know will have to be re-done in a few years.

Bottom line: At 45 yrs old, when the dentist says I need a crown or two, would I be foolish to tell him I want an implant instead? Would I be better off to stick to crowns and then have all my teeth pulled at once? Am I too young to think about doing this?

age doesnt matter NEW
by: jason

First of all there is nothing to do with the age while you are undergoing a dental implant. There are different types of dental implants available for the elders. But you need to be so sure about your choice. Don’t go for hip block go for a human block implantation.EHR

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