Why do my abutments get loose and fall out?

by Pat
(Estero, Florida)

Why do my abutments get loose and fall out?

I recently had the final stage of my denture implant completed with the abutments put in. It was very painful and I had to have novicane. Within one week, when I took my denture out to clean, the abutment fell out of my mouth.

I went back and went through the procedure again. Within two days I knew something was wrong with the abutements again and when I took the denture out, the other abutement fell out. Are they not being put in right? I had two implants put in 25 years ago, it was a different type - not an abutment, but made as part of the denture - never a problem for all these years until this year when one of the implants just sheared off.

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Contact the implant manufactures

Ask your dentist to contact the implant manufactures, there could be some problem with the components or your dentist is not using the right torque. Don?t blame the dentist - contact manufacturers they are equally responsible for all this.

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