Will it grow back even though it's an adult tooth?

by Nayzee

Hi there !
My tooth is getting pulled out because it is loose and once it gets pulled out it is going to affect my smile and I will just be embarrassed to do anything just having a hole there. :( It is at the front of my mouth at the bottom the 2nd double tooth on the right of your bottom teeth!! Will it grow back even though it's an adult tooth?

I really hope it does. Could the dentist do anything to make my tooth grow back ? I'm 14 so would an adult tooth grow back if you are young or it will not ! I really would like to know how it can grow back cause I don't want an effected smile and walk around having 1 tooth out and being toothless ??

Please tell me what I can do so I won't live my life misserably ?

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Bless your heart! NEW
by: Diane Caviness

Unfortunately, adult teeth do not grow back. Gosh, wouldn't that be great! No more dentures, bridges, implants, etc. If you can afford it (I don't know about health/dental insurance or prices in Australia), I think your best bet would be an implant loaded with a fake tooth. I'm not a dentist, so you need to get a couple of dentist's opinion's and prices. Good Luck!

Implant NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Nayzee,

Adult teeth do not replace themselves. Wouldn't that be great if they did, though? The most "natural" option is to replace the tooth with a dental implant. However, you will need to be a little older to allow your mouth and anatomy to finish developing...closer to 18 years of age before it can be placed.

In the meantime, your dentist may fix you with a "flipper" (like a retainer with a fake tooth) or a Maryland bridge. Know your options ahead of time, keep the space from collapsing and then plan for an implant later on!

Good luck

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