Wisdom tooth problem

by Mahesh kumar
(Bangalore, Karnataka)

Wisdom tooth problem:

I got a wisdom tooth not growing vertically but across, so that the gums cover the top of the tooth and I cannot chew anything on that side as I bite the flesh(gum) on top of the tooth.

The dentist says I have to remove that tooth as a permanent solution....

Is there any other solution for this problem??

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Wisdom tooth problem NEW
by: Stacey Norrell, RDH

Actually, having impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth is very common. Really the only permanent solution is to have them removed. You will be glad you did! You will continue to have trouble with this particular tooth until you have it removed. The flap of tissue covering the tooth will stay swollen due to being bit and this makes it painful to chew.

I have noticed that when my patients have a partially erupted wisdom tooth that they also tend to avoid that area when brushing and flossing. That affects the 1st and 2nd molars as well. Food debris can easily be trapped under the flap of tissue, but not easily removed.

I highly recommend having a current panoramic xray taken and consulting with either your general dentist or oral surgeon to have this 3rd molar removed.

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wisdom tooth problem NEW
by: katty

Many people have wisdom tooth problems, but none that can't be solved. In your case, an X-ray will offer your dentist a better perspective, but given the fact that your tooth is not growing normally, you'll probably need to remove it. Your children can inherit this dental problem, but you can see a specialist from the pediatric dentistry in Virginia Beach to make sure they won't be put in the same situation as you.

go for a second opinion NEW
by: Meghan

You can always go for a second opinion, but your dentist probably knows what he's doing and you should follow his advice. There is sedation dentistry in Richmond, VA available these days so unless you have a serious reason on why you don't want the procedure, removing the tooth shouldn't scare you.

Removing the gum NEW
by: Dann

Removing the gum could be other part of the solution. It's not an easy operation and it may differ from one case to another but it may prove to be less painful at the end. You should ask for advice on this comprehensive dental care in Williamsburg resource, you'll get the support you need there.

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