Wobbly Dental Implant

by e g williams
(wales uk)

I had 4 implants 18 months ago. No problems with 3 but the 4th (in my upper right jaw) has become wobbly on 5 separate occasions now, making the gum around it sore, and needing to be "tightened" by my local dentist (using a hex screwdriver i'm told - the implants are Astra).

Last time he'd ordered and inserted a new screw, but here I am 8 weeks later and it's moving again. This has cost £60 a time. I'm anxious to find a longer term solution.

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Wobbly Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi EG,

I would have your dentist check the occlusion (bite) of the teeth to see if there is abnormal wear causing the implant to come loose. If that is the problem it is usually easily corrected by the dentist slighting adjusting the chewing surface of the teeth. Also try to be aware if you are developing any habits such as bruxism (grinding) and avoid chewing gum.

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