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I am so worried about my dental implant. I needed a dental implant after redoing a crown that developed an infection after 10 mos. I had an apicoectomy 30 yrs. earlier and my root was very short, so it seemed like the best option was a dental implant. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon said that removing the tooth should get rid of the infection and he recommended a dentist for me to put the temporary crown on. He thought it was important for the papilla.

I had surgery on Feb. 14 (Tues.) and had minimal pain after the surgery. Then I had a temporary tooth put on on Feb. 16th (Thurs.). That seemed to be ok but the dentist called me the following day to say that there was space on the sides of the tooth which was not good for the gum and wanted another one made for the following Mon. (Feb.20th). When that tooth was put on it was extremely tight at the top when it was tightened. I mentioned it to the dentist and he said the gum would adjust to it. He also shaved the tooth down because I mentioned it was longer than my other front tooth, while it was on the implant. He had already sealed the back, so I'm guessing that's why he didn't shave it down before he put it on.

In addition to that, this past Fri. (Feb. 24) my baby turned her head and hit the front of my mouth. My tooth has been throbbing on and off for a while now (even before my baby hit my mouth). It was a bit sore the day after my baby hit the front of my mouth, but the throbbing has definitely been going on since the second tooth was put on. It was throbbing a lot the night the second tooth was put on and intermittently since then. I can't remember if it was throbbing before that, but if it was it was minimal.

I called the oral surgeon to tell him that my baby hit my mouth and to tell him that the dentist shaved the tooth while on the implant. He said it was ok with the shaving since it was before the 1st week was up, but he was concerned about the baby hitting it. He said he thought it would be fine though. I asked him if we could do the flipper since I am worried about the temporary tooth after what happened. He said it was too late for that now, that it would be bad to take it off this point.

I am wondering, if the tooth is too tight...is that even possible, will this cause damage if it is not taken off? I am wondering how long it would be normal to have throbbing (not really painful)? Also, it does not always feel comfortable when I swallow and suck on the back of my gum or when I rinse with salt water I sometimes feel like I can feel the implant in the gum (not a pleasant feeling).

I would really appreciate your advice.
This has me up at night.

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Temporary Crown NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Temporary crowns are not meant to be extremely comfortable or aesthetically pleasing as permanent crowns. They are there to protect the tooth and hold the place while the permanent crown is being fabricated. Yes, the area may feel tight as it is snuggly fitting between the teeth, but the permanent crown should fit much better between them and along the gums. Adjusting the bite on it is normal to be able to not have a high area when you bite your teeth together.

If you continue to have throbbing or any swelling after your baby bumped you in the mouth, then follow up to your dentist and have an x-ray taken. Remember that this post is placed in your mouth and the bone has to re-form around it. It does not happen overnight. It can take several weeks or months for this to occur.As long as the area appears healthy then you probably have nothing to be concerned with. Minor changes always feel dramatic to our mouths (tongue, gums, etc.) so it will take a bit to get used to, but then you'll have your permanent crown soon enough.

Thank you Sharon B., RDH NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your comments. It made me feel a lot better. I went to the oral surgeon yesterday and he took an x-ray. He said it is looking great. He it looks like it is integrating with the bone and there is "no halo effect." He said the tightness may be causing the pressure I'm feeling, but it was good to have less gum around the implant. He also did not want to do anything to the tooth. He said it should not be touched. The doctor squirted perioxide and an antiseptic up my gum line. He also said that with the bone graft a lot of his patients experience off and on pain like I have had for about a month after the procedure while it is it being absorbed by the body, but he gave me 10 days of antibiotic to make sure an infection doesn't develop. I was sore last night but I'm feeling better today already.

Thank you again for your response. Best wishes. :)

hit on the newly implant NEW
by: Anonymous

I had two implants done 6 days ago in order to hold my dentures in place and today my 2 year old by accident hit her head on my mouth. It has been paining and throbing since then (about 4 hours ago. I am wondering if it was possibe the implant might have been disturbed or if any kind of damage could be done by this. Hoping you can answer my question. Thank you

nice NEW
by: Ferick

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