Worried that the bone loss is irreversible and I have to spend the rest of my life with a numb jaw...

by Jackie
(London, UK)

In March 2005, I had two implants either side of my lower jaw to replace two molars, three months later the crown was fitted. Prior to the crown being fitted, everything felt fine, no pain at all. Literally, within weeks, the crown became loose on one of them and the gum around it was red raw and extremely painful. the other implant is perfect, no problems.

I went back to the dentist; he screwed it in, which surprised me. I thought he would have removed it and treated the area. Ever since, I have had constant problems. The main one being a feeling of numbness in the area. I can only describe it like the feeling you get when a dental anaesthetic is wearing off. This has gone on for years with regular inflammed gums and bleeding.

The dentist burnt off some of my gum, that didn’t work. Six monthly check ups and x-rays found nothing but he mentioned peri-implantitis. Two years ago, he removed the crown and I believe treated the area with citric acid. Nothing worked. I continued to suffer numbness and sporadic bleeding of the area when I brush my teeth.

He has been attentive and (I felt) tried everything but I asked for a referral a few weeks ago and a peridontist identified pus, bone loss and implant failure. He removed the implant and did a bone graft. Two weeks after the bone graft, I am still experiencing that feeling of numbness.

I am now worried that the bone loss is irreversible and I have to spend the rest of my life with a numb jaw, which whilst it is not painful just doesn’t feel normal.

Can you help ?

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Bone Loss and Nerve Issues NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Jackie

It does sound like you may have had some form of peri-implantitis. Initially I thought it sounded like irritation from the crown but since that being removed and cleaned around did not correct the problem it does sound like irritation around the implant itself. Every once in a while this can happen but it is not very normal. It may just be for some reason your body did not like the implant or something around it. You could try replacing the implant or else putting a bridge in that area.

As far as the numbness this could be just from any dental injection. There are cases where nerves are effected and have numbness lasting for months or years. Otherwise it may be from the implant itself, but being that it was placed into a previous tooth socket that seems like it would not be the issue. Prolonged numbness is always a risk when having dental treatment or dental injections. Otherwise you may also want to check with your MD for symptoms of a type of palsy that you have otherwise suspected was from dental treatment.

Thanks for the feedback NEW
by: Jackie

Sharon, Thanks for the advice. The dentist mentioned peri-implantitis years later. My symptoms kicked in weeks after the crown was fitted. My understanding is that peri-implantitis kicks in some time later often as a result of poor hygiene which is defintely not the case with me. I agree with what you are saying but I think the implant was failing from the moment the crown was fitted. I had much agonising and inflammed gums but since the dentist burnt it off, it wasn't so bad but the pus build up, sporadic bleeding when brushing and the numbness have never gone away. My jaw feels frozen and has been on and off for seven years. Even if the bone grows back and they are able to reinsert it or do bridgework, I am loathed to put anything in the area with this numbness. I am fed up with all the xrays as well, scared of the dangers, although the dentist said the radiation is very negligible. Do you think that the peridontist would have been able to spot irreversible bone loss on the xray ? Do you think there is hope that over the coming months, the numbness could subside as the bone graft fuses and my body starts to heal ??

pain and pain NEW
by: geln jacobs

Tired of this pain of the implant done on the upper jaw. Oh god I can’t handle this pain. The blood is sometimes like so thick. I am having some painkillers in the recent days. Is there any other way to feel better from this pain?Telesteps

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