Would her smile look normal with a 'missing' canine?

by Betty
(Washington DC)

My 9 years old daughter is missing her adult two upper Lateral incisors, her baby tooth have not come out (probably because the adult are missing and nothing is pushing them out).

Although I hear implant is an option to replace the missing adult Lateral incisor, I feel it is not the best option as she is still growing.

My confusion comes with the second option where all the back teeth are pushed to close the gap, but would it not look funny if the canine is in the place of the Lateral incisor? Or is the canine shaped to look like Lateral incisor?

Then - would her smile look normal with a 'missing' canine? I need to make a decision and afraid of making the wrong one.

Thanks in advance,

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Missing Lateral NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Betty,

This is a very normal tooth to be missing. Your daughter is still too young to determine what course of treatment would be best for her. It depends on how her jawbones and arch of teeth continue to develop in the next several years.

If this was my child, I would do one of 2 things, depending on their anatomy:

1) allow the baby teeth to stay in place until my child was old enough to replace them with dental implants (approx. 18 years of age) after undergoing orthodontic therapy.

2) undergo orthodontic therapy if the orthodontist would have normally recommended removing the first set of permanent bicuspids, but rather removing the primary laterals and moving the permanent canines forward. The permanent canines would then be reshaped to resemble lateral incisors.

My best advice is to take good care of the baby teeth (floss them religiously) so that they can last as long as possible, and see an orthodontist for annual exams as her mouth continues to grow. Never be afraid to get a second opinion if one dentist tells you something that doesn't sound right.

Thanks NEW
by: Pirlo

Well, it may not seem to be so ugly as she is just 9 years old. But it would be great to have an implant for these missing canines as it would affect her eating habits too. She will find it difficult to eat the meat and like food items. beverly diamonds complaints

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Although I hear implant is an option to replace the missing adult Lateral incisor, I feel it is not the best option as she is still growing.find a persons address ukprivateinvestigators

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