Would my teeth shift

I am having an implant placed where there wasn't need for a bone grapht; the area is at the top, distal from the mouth. My concern was with a gap there for 6 months would my teeth shift?

The dentist then fitted me for a retainer, adding to the cost. Was this a necessary step? He said the top jaw bone is softer than the bottom, where I have postponed an implant at this time and have not had a problem.

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

posterior maxilla has the softest bone with very reduced density ,successful implant placement in that region is very tricky.
Regarding retainer in that area I am not able to understand your dentists treatment plan

My last upper tooth is being removed
by: Anonymous

Is an implant necessary?
will my teeth shift?
It is the last tooth on the upper right. Will an implant work in that area? Thank you. Anne

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